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About Insight Into The Family

Insight for the Family, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization with a God-directed Advisory Board. We stress Christian principals, while providing emotional healing and stability. We are committed to God and His Word as the only true and legitimate way of understanding human behaviors and the way of bringing change to our human frailty.

God created the human being with a nature; thus, He provides His Word to us as an antidote that gives an environment the ability to deal with the most difficult of all human conditions. Among the hundreds of gods of psychology and counseling advising the world today, none can compare with or stand the test of time of the Creator’s thesis on human relationship.

All of our counselors and therapists are Spirit-filled Christians with postgraduate studies at Christian Universities and Colleges. Our counselors and therapists hold degrees and/or are licensed in psychology, marriage and family counseling, theology, pastoral care, social work and sociology.

Insight for the Family, Inc. specializes in assisting pastors, professionals and individuals in their ever-growing commitments to provide quality services to their parishioners and communities.

Insight for the Family, Inc. offers interfacing spirit-filled seminars, consultative services, and publications that support and give cohesive direction from the Word of God to the ambitious service provider, and individuals in response to the “total need of the family.”

At Insight for the Family, we are dedicated to the work of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and to the concept of pursuing active dialogue with the family in further helping them to identify and subsequently solve areas of concerns in the ever-growing demands on the family.

For more than twenty years, Insight for the Family, Inc. has provided both short and long-term treatment to people coping with chronic mental illnesses, depression, addictive disorders, sexual abuse, child-focused issues, in addition to male and female relationship issues. We also offer interfacing seminars and workshops, pre-marriage and marriage counseling, individuals and group counseling, mentor programs, play therapy, and anger management.

We believe in focusing on cognitive behavior to enable our clients to change their negative thoughts and attitudes to positive ones. We utilize a systems approach that involves working with the client’s family, spouse or mate.

We are good listeners and sensitive to the needs of our clients. We employ an active approach to empower clients to develop and/or enhance their own core beliefs. Pure and simple, we want our clients to be pleased with “who” they are and understand “why” they are.

In a city where crime is high, abuse is enormous, and broken people can be found in practically every home, Insight for the Family, Inc. was created. The Center is here to provide healing, hope, and give a new start to those sitting on the sidelines of life.

We are an outpatient treatment facility with individual counseling, support groups, workshops, seminars, specially designed programs, and treatment plans available to help individuals balance their work, family, social, and spiritual life.


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