Marriage Counseling

Pre-Marriage, Marriage Counseling and Divorce Prevention

Insight For The Family’s approach in pre-marital, marriage and family counseling is to give couples direct advice and help them develop “how-to” skills in solving problems. Most couples that seek marriage counseling have difficulties in communication. One of our areas of specialization is helping couples improve their communications skills by using the Ground Rules of Communication, a series of guidelines that help couples stop hurtful and frustrating arguments and start communicating effectively. Of most importance, I try to help couples find “win-win” solutions to their problems.

Our premarital and marital counseling serves as guidance for those in life transitions, such as engagement, marriage, or divorce. Group therapy is also an option available to individuals who select this method of treatment depending on clients’ need or interest. 

We are currently accepting new clients and welcomes any inquiries. Please contact him at our office (718)-773-2196.

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