Marriage & Single Conference

Do you have a desire to enrich or deepen your marriage; your communication with one another and your family? Are you willing to invest a weekend to improve your lives?

Whether your marriage is good, average or indifferent, this dynamic conference will enhance any relationship.

Insight for the Family’s Marriage Enrichment Conference has worked for thousands of couples, why not you? It’s a very private experience just for the two of you.

Marriage can be an exciting and challenging adventure, or a tortuous and arduous journey. The latter path occurs when both mates in a marriage look to each other for the fulfillment of their own needs. The former way develops when a couple depends on God to meet their needs and make it their goal to minister to each other. In this down-to-earth marriage enrichment conference, we show you how you can have an enriching marriage God’s way. There is no unrealistic counsel given here. Just hard hitting, biblical realismÐ the only kind we really need.

Many view (and experience) singleness as a state marked by unhappiness and no fulfillment while waiting for marriage to end the whole miserable affair. But at Insight for the Family, Inc., we present the unmarried as fun, fulfilling, and an excellent basis for building a very special relationship with God and others. So whether you are happy or not, at this enrichment seminar you will gain a refreshing perspective on life as viewed through the positive, humorous eyes of our seminar leaders.

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