• The Beauty of a Woman
  • Beauty of a Woman - Dr. Ray Morgan OMD. Phd
  • Dr. Ray Morgan

So many women in our western culture suffer with debilitating ailments in their bodies. Some in their physical bodies, some in their emotions and still other with deep spiritual deficiencies. In his book, The Beauty Of A Woman, Dr. Morgan chronicles a woman’s journey from puberty to her climacteric phase of menopause. Her journey is marked by many changes as she goes from puberty, where her body is in the hormonal chaos of being a little girl, to becoming a woman. She then moves from the adolescence stage to the superwoman stage, where she is mostly controlled by estrogen and can multitask for a very long time with no complaints of energy lost. Her journey continues to the watershed years of her thirties and her diminishing signs of estrogen, where she finds herself crying profusely without knowing why as her journey continues to menopause. Dr. Morgan explains what and why these symptoms occur as well as what should be done to address these concerns-physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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