25 Ways To Protecting Yourself From Disease and Promote Excellent Health

In his book, Food for Thought, Dr. Morgan shares the fact that in our western culture we are thought to think in terms of pieces, rather than integrated, ideas or concepts ideas and concepts. When we use this fragmented approach it lead us to look at health in a compartmentalized manner rather than as the management of a totality. When we believe that the human body, organs and systems are totally separate from our thoughts, emotions, energy fields of our spiritual selves, we end up in very poor mental and physical health.  In his book, Food For Thought, Dr. Morgan integrates the human body as a total entity using 25 chapters to teach how to clean and re-vitalize your various body organs, love yourself, love your own life, listen to your inner voice, learn to forgive, combine the right foods, eat more live and raw foods, express yourself and several others chapters. We need to look at how our thoughts can affect our behavior and ultimately our health. This book is a must.

FORMAT: Softcover

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