The Purpose

These are challenging times in which we live. The family is under siege and we must confront the enemy head on. We believe that after this weekend, you will gain new insight to enable you to combat the enemy’s assault on God’s precious possessionÐyou and your family.

Why have we chosen to have this enrichment conference? Well, for several reasons, however, this one stands out: “To Discover God’s Purpose for the Family”

We felt that since the family is under siege, we need to discover why. The definition of God’s purpose is needed. In the words of Dr. Myles Monroe, “the purpose of a thing is the reason for which it exists, or the manufacturer’s original intent for making it.” Thus, the purpose for your life cannot be discovered by you. Only God knows why He created you the way He did. That’s why we are mandated at this time to return back to the manufacturer of the family to discover our purpose.

We have been interceding in prayer for you. We are now ready to minister to your needs. If you are married, single, widowed, separated, divorced or engaged, we are glad you made the sacrifice to join us for what will be a very splendid weekend.

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