Consultation & Seminars

It is the philosophy of our spirit-filled innovative staff to provide the most highly integrated and exciting learning experience for professionals.

The division of consultations and seminars offers a wide variety of professional seminars, short courses, workshops, retreats and conferences. Each presentation will acquaint the participant with the Word of God and how their marriages and homes can be joyful and running over.

Upon request from churches, groups, centers, schools, agencies and individuals our unique services allow us to come providing a tailor-made learning experience to address your specific needs. Our experiences in the field of family therapy allow us to offer a more individualized approach to learning.

Insight for the Family, brings you concepts in spiritual awareness through our manuals, tapes and instructional literatures that are blended with the Word of God.

A creative team of knowledgeable Christian clinicians and therapists have been given the insight to develop a complete program guide to address the needs of the family. In addition, we offer written materials that complement our seminars and consultations thus creating a total overview and reference text for each subject presented.

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